Neha Dhupia is killing it. Around 8 months ago she got hitched to her now-husband Angad Bedi and a mere two months ago she welcomed her beautiful baby girl, Mehr Dhupia Bedi. All this while and after, she has been working around the clock. Just about a few weeks after she got her baby home, she was on her feet, flying for a shoot of a reality show. More recently, she is back to hosting one of our favourite talk show, BFFs with Vogue. Like I said she’s just being a super amazing #BossBabe. But, of course, there are some on the internet that really can’t help but see a woman ace it all.

Recently, an online fashion publication posted a headline that fat-shamed Neha for her post-pregnancy weight gain. While we hadn’t picked up on this particular one, Neha itself chose to give them a befitting reply through an Instagram post. In her usual cool tone, her caption stated how she didn’t owe any explanation but she was just addressing the larger problem of fat-shaming needs to stop. She also went on to say the importance of fitness and but said she is not trying to fit into societal standards.

Check it out:

What a super sophisticated and equally befitting reply. You go, Neha!

You certainly don’t need to fit in, because you’ve always been someone to stand out. Sending you lots of love and good vibes.