Everyone has to go through Monday whether they like it or not. Dealing with the first day of the week isn’t easy. But if you’re anything like us, your day just got better, trust us! To help you deal with this horrifying day, here are a few really cute puppy pictures that’ll put a smile on your face. Scroll down for these pawsome pictures!

1. This guy doesn’t want to deal with Monday at all.

2. This puppy is happy though.

3. They all wish you a happy week.

4. He’s prepping for Monday, indeed!

5. Boo you, Monday!

6. This one wants to play in the snow with you.

7. And he wears his heart on this nose!

8. Monday doesn’t really bum these kids out.

9. Um.. Maybe just this guy’s feelin’ a bit blue.

10. But here’s what all of us wanna do today, don’t we?

We bet you feel better already, eh? Which of these puppers totally turned your day around? Tell us in the comments below!

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