Anushka Sharma Found Her Doppelganger And The Internet's Reaction Will Make You Go LOL

Priyanka Parmar , 06 Feb 2019
Julia Michaels, Anushka Sharma (Source: Twitter | @juliamichaels)
Julia Michaels, Anushka Sharma (Source: Twitter | @juliamichaels)

It’s Mid-week and we’re all in a ‘When will Friday arrive already?!’ mood. But worry not, the internet has blessed us all once again with one of its gems. Trust me, this will definitely get you from frowning to going LOL in seconds. I am sure most of you have heard about the theory that suggests every human has 6 doppelgangers all around the world. However, there’s no certainty about you finding them for sure. But, it certainly seems to be the other way around for the gorgeous actress, Anushka Sharma. Yes, it was just yesterday that Anushka’s look-alike, Julia Michaels, who is an international singer, tagged her in a tweet mentioning how ‘apparently they were twins’. Only hours later, the Bollywood star replied to her and their interaction caught a lot of eyeballs.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Will the real Anushka Sharma please stand up?!

While Anushka’s reaction was a surprised one, it opened the floodgates of memes and replies! They’re hilarious to say the least.

Check them out below:

There are even some tweets about new conspiracy theories out there but this one got me laughing hard.

The reaction is so on point, right?!

It was just yesterday that Alia Bhatt‘s doppelganger had caught everyone’s attention and now this! Which other actor’s doppelganger’s have you spotted recently?

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