These New 50+ Emojis Are Going To Make Texting A Whole Lot More Fun

Suruchi Patwary , 07 Feb 2019

I just don’t get people who do not use emojis while texting. I am one of those texters who communicates only with them and no words, not kidding one bit. And if you’re someone who can relate to me, you know all about how the joy of new emoji additions can make our gloomy days sunny again. So, to make your 2019 better, I have an amazing piece of news to share with y’all (iPhone users) today. Emojipedia confirmed the arrival of 59 new emojis to our Apple devices this year, while not giving out any specific date yet. Wanna know what all this new list has to offer? Read on to find out!

The Deets!

Starting with the ones that defo need a shoutout, there will now be emojis of a manual and mechanical wheelchair, a ear with a hearing aid, a deaf person, some more same-sex couple ones are also being added among others. As if it wasn’t difficult already to choose between the cute animal emojis—otters, sloths, and cute doggos on a leash will be added to the list too. Food emoji enthusiasts, there’s something in it for you too! You will now be able to bombard all our chats with some fun emojis like lotsa butter, garlic to send the stinky creeps in our chat list, and more. Have our prayers been answered? Hell yeah!

Even though there are 59 emojis approved, if you see technically and consider the gender and skin-tone options, the number becomes much higher. The Emojipedia blog post explained this and said,

Emoji 12.0 is comprised of 59 distinct new emojis; 75 when gender variations are taken into account; and 230 new emojis when all skin tone options are also included.

You can check all the emojis up close and individually on Emojipedia‘s page on Twitter and dance in circles with your friends, because why not! Also, let us know which one is your favourite among the new ones.

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