I have been glued to my phone scrolling through some gorgeous looks this Monday morning, all thanks to the 2019 Grammy Awards. The red carpet had some stellar outfits for us to drool over but when zoomed in, even the beauty looks were on point. The highlight of every makeup look seemed to be the dewy shine that almost everyone on the red carpet sported. But there were a few other beauty tricks I spotted too. Check them out below:

1. Dewy Skin For Great Photos

It was all about the fresh, dewy face on the red carpet today. The celebs highlighted the high points on their face and kept the shine all natural. The plus point of this beauty trick has to be that the even with the flash, the photos come out natural-looking.

2. Highlight The Eyes & Keep The Lips Nude

Eyes were given due preference on today’s red carpet. One of the many ways in which the celebs achieved this was by donning a nude tone on their lips. Smokey eyes and even intense lashes took over many makeup looks.

3. The Hairstyle To Pick When You Wear A Hat

Jennifer Lopez and Janelle Monáe both chose to wear a hat today on the red carpet, but that was not the only thing common in their looks. Rightfully, they decided to add some drama at the back with the help of their hairstyles. Janelle went for a voluminous braid, whereas Jennifer had a luscious ponytail.

Now, aren’t these some easy beauty tricks? Which one will you try out? Do let us know in the comments below.

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