Mondays are often said to be the worst day of the week and no amount of coffee can change that. Especially if you’ve had an amazing weekend of relaxation and (obviously )making up for all the lost sleep in the previous week. But worry not, good people of the world, I have come across something that will take away your Monday blues. Yes, it was late last night that I was scrolling through Instagram and dreading the coming week. Just then, I stumbled upon these photos of Lisa Ray‘s twin daughters, Sufi and Soleil’s photos from the Saraswati pooja celebrated at their house. Trust me, these photos are all you need to get over you Monday.

Take a look:

Here are some more photos of the twins being their adorable selves:

Aren’t they the sweetest?!

Lisa’s Instagram feed is like a usual dose of cuteness thanks to these munchkins. Happy Monday, you guys and you’re welcome!