Riverdale Actress Camila Mendes & Her Boyfriend Are The Cutest Couple On Instagram – Here’s Proof

Riverdale Actress Camila Mendes & Her Boyfriend Are The Cutest Couple On Instagram – Here’s Proof

Pallavi Manoj

For those who didn’t know, reel life Veronica Lodge aka Camila Mendes and Reggie Mantle aka Charles Melton from Riverdale are a real-life couple now. While they may have made it Instagram official only in October 2018, we have their Instagram journey to prove that it may have started much earlier than that. While Veronica may have been steaming it up with Archie Andrews in the CW series Riverdale, just like the storyline of the show is progressing, Ronnie and Reggie have got closer in real life as well. One look at their social media lives and you’d agree that they are the coolest couple on Instagram. From posting goofy pictures of each other to travelling together to having an official ship name, #Charmila, they’re the IT millennial couple we’ve all been waiting for. And TBH, they’re a breath of fresh air from all the cheesy couple pictures we see on Instagram.

Check it out:

Like I said they may just have made it Insta-official in October, but we traced back the love to this picture in March. Just a blunt declaration of Charles’ love for Camila.

Is it even a birthday wish if you don’t have an uber-cool picture like this?

Both of them thought it would be okay to kill all the single souls on the planet with an adorable picture each with the caption ‘Mine’.

Did I mention they travelled together to South Korea to celebrate the end of the year and even wore matching animal hats?

Turns out Veronica chills with Reggie and Archie quite a lot in real life too.

To top it off, Charles accompanied Camila to the NFL Honors awards show to cheer on his girlfriend as she presented an award. They even have a pout selfie as proof.

If this is not #CoupleGoals, we don’t know what is.

Camila and Charles are the second couple to start dating on sets of Riverdale after Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse. And even cast members are excited to see #Charmila happening.

While the show has just started showing Reggie’s and Veronica’s growing closeness, we’ll have to wait and see what happens next!

Until then, you can obsess over this goofy Instagram winning couple.