7 Easy Ways To Transform Your Selfie Game Forever

7 Easy Ways To Transform Your Selfie Game Forever

Team Interns

Most of us take a million selfies before we find one that is Instagram-worthy. A good selfie takes a ton of effort and time to take. Finding the perfect lighting, pose and editing apps can be time-consuming and sometimes even annoying. A few tips and tricks come in handy in these situations. So, if you’re looking to change your selfie game, check out some of our fave tips for clicking the perfect selfie!

1. The Golden Hour

Ask any photographer or blogger and they’ll tell you that good natural lighting is a selfie’s best friend. Golden hour deserves a special mention as it helps you take unreal pictures. It is basically an hour-long window that takes place before sunset or before sunrise. The sun’s light starts to look almost gold-like that flatters any skin tone gorgeously. Taking pictures at this time is a sure fire way of getting the perfect selfie.

2. Use Attachable Camera Lenses

There are a number of different ways to transform your phone’s camera without spending a bomb. Attachable camera lenses are now available for different phones and can totally change your selfies. Fish-eye lenses and wide angle lenses are some of the widely used lenses available online and in stores.

3. T-Rex Hands

If you’re someone who never knows what to do with their hands, try the T-Rex pose! It basically requires you to shape your hand in a claw-like shape and to rest it near your face. It may sound silly, but it actually works! Think of it as the new duck face.

4. Use Neutral Backgrounds

A picture’s background doesn’t always have to be loud and dramatic. A simple neutral background with good lighting can work wonders for a selfie by keeping the focus on your face.

5. Use Editing Apps

A good filter can take a selfie from 0 to 100 real quick. Even if you’re not happy with your current selfies, editing them can change your mind about them. If you’re not a fan of filters, you can always adjust the brightness, contrast and other features to edit your selfies. Some of our favourite apps for editing pictures are Snapseed, Huji and VSCO.

6. Try Using Your Back Camera

Your phone’s back camera has a higher resolution and hence takes higher quality pictures. Try taking selfies from the back camera by using a mirror or a camera stand. Mirror selfies, FTW!

7. Add A Prop

This is another solution for awkward hands and is quite simple to try too. If your hands are feeling empty and you can’t pose without feeling awkward and uneasy, adding a prop by holding a glass or anything else can really help!

We hope that these tips will help you click the best selfies of your life! Which of these tips is one you can’t wait to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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