There Is A Petition To Include A Pride Heart Emoji—And You Need To Sign It, STAT!

Suruchi Patwary , 13 Feb 2019

Valentine’s day is the day of celebrating love. But shouldn’t it be about embracing it too? Until last year September, same-sex love was considered a criminal offence. So technically, 2019’s Valentine’s day will be the first year of celebrating love freely and openly, without being discriminated over gender identity. But it’s not just the pride community who is all excited and in support of this idea, another big brand has started something really huge and cool.

What Happened?

Uber India started an online petition to include a pride heart emoji to celebrate Valentine’s day in all its beauty! They explained that they wanted a symbol that could be embraced by anyone. The hashtag #LoveMovesForward is doing rounds on Twitter to promote this petition. It has officially won our hearts, and how!

If you thought we are the only ones who are applauding Uber for this, you’re mistaken. People all over Twitter are praising Uber India for this petition and the number of signatures is increasing rapidly every second. We have already signed the petition and there is no reason y’all shouldn’t do it ASAP!

Some days ago, we also saw Rashtrapati Bhavan lit in rainbow colours in support of the pride community, which was a sight to behold. Instances like these have given a good start to the year 2019 and we hope to see more of such in the future. After all, love is love, right?

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