Isn't It Romantic Movie Review: This Rebel Wilson & Priyanka Chopra Starrer Is The Rom-Com Every Cynic Has Been Waiting For

Pallavi Manoj , 14 Feb 2019

Get yourself your favourite snack and a glass of wine, because Isn’t It Romantic is the rom-com cynics everywhere have been waiting for.

Natalie, an Australian architect played by Rebel Wilson is a girl who is so low on self-esteem that she’s either invisible to people or is walked/talked over. Basically, the perfect candidate for a clichéd makeover montage in every rom-com ever. She’s treated badly and taken for granted at a job that she absolutely loves. And among all the other things that are going wrong for her, is her non- existent love life, because why would anyone want to love a girl like her? The fun begins when she almost gets mugged in a New York subway and hits her head really hard only to wake up in an alternate universe that is all rosy and perfect. She later figures that she is now trapped in a PG-13 romantic comedy and has to find true love to get out of it. How cliché, right? Not quite so.

The concept and story are what wins you over. Isn’t It Romantic legit takes you and Natalie through every rom-com cliché that girls have swooned over since forever. The makeover montage has, the hot blonde-haired and blue-eyed perfect man, waking up with perfect hair, hot doctors, the list is endless. Even people who love watching romantic- comedies, at one point, will not be able to help but shake their heads and laugh out loud.

There is really no heavy-lift acting that the movie requires and all the actors have played their roles to the best of their ability. The movie rests entirely on Rebel’s shoulders and she is her usual self. Casually acing her character Natalie. There’s something about the way Rebel presents things that makes them funny and that’s why she’s the perfect fit for the role. Adam Devine finally has a role in which he gets to play the nice guy and he’s super cute. Of course, Liam Hemsworth brings his abs to the table too and does his best to be the hot knight in shining armour. Quite successfully, I’d like to add. Priyanka Chopra plays the OTT super hot girl with all the right kind of flair. I just wish I got to see more of her on screen.

At the end of the day, the movie leaves us with a message that every girl who daydreams about her life needs to hear.
It is one of those movies that I’d watch over and over with my girlfriends at a sleepover or on a rainy day with a bag of chips. At last, we have a rom-com, with an unlikely protagonist, without (actually with all) the frills of fairytale and the right kind of message.

So girlfriends, go for it and have a nice laugh.

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