Stop everything you’re doing because the teaser trailer of Frozen 2 is here! The five-year-long wait finally comes to an end with the release date of the movie set to 22nd November. The first part was a massive hit and for everyone who believes that sequels don’t perform as well as the first installments, this one is going to blow your mind! The teaser is so epic that waiting for the movie to release is going to be a task for sure.

Two seconds into it and you’ll find yourself hooked! The teaser starts with a dramatic scene of the brilliant and beautiful ice queen Elsa. She seems to be trying to cross a violent ocean but not much of it is revealed. She looks so fiesty that we’re already praying for whatever she is about to destroy.

On the other hand, Anna is seen surrounded by what resembles diamond ice crystals. Kristoff, too, can be spotted riding on his reindeer Sven. And the most loved snowman of all time, Olaf, is seen being protected by Elsa from a ring of fire around them. In the end, they can all be seen standing together at the edge of a cliff.

Behold the super amazing trailer:

Mind- blown, right?

TBH, it’s nothing like I imagined it to be. Who would’ve though Elsa and Anna‘s lives would get intense so quickly, no? Not to mention the epic background score that adds to the intensity of the teaser. I’m super pumped for the second installment of Frozen. What about you?

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