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Practically everyone has experienced the painful and irritating red lumps on their skin and it’s all due to ingrown hair. This affects almost everyone and is a real pain in the you know what! Here’s everything you need to know about them, how you can treat, get rid of them, and most importantly, how you can stop them from coming up again!

What is ingrown hair and how does it come about?

When the hair cannot push through the follicle, and instead curls up and grows sideways back into the skin, leading to a raised bump on the surface is what they call  ingrown hairs, my friend. They can become red or infected, and can be hella‘ itchy and uncomfortable. Most times ingrown hair is caused either by shaving or waxing against the natural direction that the hair grows in, wearing tight clothing and friction. Another common reason is the accumulated dead skin and dirt that obstructs the hair follicle from growing out.

Source: Shutterstock By Bordyug Anna
Source: Shutterstock By Bordyug Anna

How you can treat and get rid of them for good:

The solution to getting rid of ingrown hair isn’t a one time thing. Try…

  • Exfoliating. Not only does it maintain healthy looking skin but it can help get rid of ingrown hair that get trapped due to

built-up oils and dead skin on the surface.

  • Stay away from tight clothing, synthetic fabrics that can aggravate the skin and ingrown hair. Stick to clothes that are breathable and don’t stick to you, like cotton and khadi.
  • Picking on the skin, scratching, excessive sweating and using irritating products with fragrances can make the situation worse.
  • Shave in the direction of your hair growth, not against it. Use an after-shave healing cotton pad to soothe the skin.

Do you have any at-home or effective ways that keep ingrown hair at bay? Let us know in the comments below.

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