10 Everyday Things We Do That Are Satisfying AF

10 Everyday Things We Do That Are Satisfying AF

Karishma Govil

The internet is full of “satisfying” videos that’ll give you all the feels. These videos have gone super viral because they’re so effin‘ destressing after a long working day. Having said that, we believe that in our daily lives, too, there are many things we do subconsciously that are as satisfying as watching any of these videos. The thing is, we tend to take our lives for granted and forget the little joys it gives us. We’re so tied up with all the stress we deal with on a daily basis that we don’t even realise how satisfying some things are that we do daily. Today, we’re listing down a bunch of things we all do every single day that is surprisingly satisfying. Here they are!

1. Yawning

2. Sneezing

3. Scratch An Itch

4. Let One Rip

5. Take A Big Dump

6. Clean A Dirty Corner

7. Wearing A Freshly-Washed Outfit

8. Getting Into A Warm Blanket On A Cold Night

9. Drinking Water When You’re Parched

10. Doodling

Now that we’ve listed these down, the next time you do any of them, take note and enjoy this satisfaction! Which one do you think you enjoy the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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