Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai Actress Saumya Tandon Reveals The Name Of Her Baby Boy

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai Actress Saumya Tandon Reveals The Name Of Her Baby Boy

Pallavi Manoj

Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain actress Saumya Tandon and her husband Saurabh Devendra Singh welcomed their first child, a baby boy just a month ago. While most celebrities immediately announce the baby’s name soon after their birth this newbie mommy did things a bit differently. Amidst all the good wishes and congratulations that were pouring in for the little one and his parents, many of Saumya‘s fans even started suggesting names. So, the actress decided to take help from her fans to name her son and they obliged and how. She would keep screenshots of the fan handle she would consider. The newbie parents have finally picked a name suggested by a fan from Singapore and have named their baby boy, Miraan. The actress spoke in detail to Hindustan Times about naming her baby boy and why she chose to go the way she went about it.

She said,

Though, the name suggested by a lady from Singapore was Miran, it was a girl’s name so I added an extra ‘a’ to it. It’s a Persian word and means king of kings. Finally, we registered the name as Miraan Tandon Singh. Many suggested Shaurya as well which is a combination of my name and my husband’s name Saurabh. But I wanted a unique name so Miraan it is.

She further added,

Honestly, I didn’t think of having a contest on social media but it so happened that when my son was born, my husband and I were not prepared for the delivery. After a check-up, the doctor said that I had to be admitted immediately. Later, when I shared the news about the birth of my baby, everyone was asking about the name. And my reply was, ‘why don’t you suggest a name?

Saumya will be sending a personalised gift to the fan who suggested her name.

Meanwhile, take a look at little Miraan:

How adorable is he? What do you think of his beautiful name?