Did Katy Perry's Engagement Ring Belong To An Austrian Princess?

Pallavi Manoj , 16 Feb 2019

For those of you who still haven’t woken up to smell the fresh coffee on the interweb, pop singer Katy Perry and Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom just got engaged. Love has been in the air for this duo ever since January 2016 and Orlando decided to put a ring on it this Valentine’s Day.

Naturally, this sent the entire internet into a frenzy of awws, ooohs and aaahs, of course. But there I was casually scrolling through my explore page that is currently filled with #KatLando (Yes, I actually did that.) pictures and came across a ring that is extremely similar, if not the same as, Katy‘s engagement ring. The page was of Sotheby Jewels. For those unaware, Sotheby is one of the largest brokers of fine art, jewelry, real estate, and collectibles in the world. The Instagram post with a picture of the said ring gave the origin story of the ruby and diamond ring. We know very little about Katy’s ring, except that reports in E! suggest that it costs around $5 million. Having come across the Sotheby ring that looks very similar, I wonder if Orlando bought the ring in a bid or was inspired by the design. According to Genevan Jewellery specialist Benoit Repellin, this ruby and diamond ring belonged to Princess Marie Anne of the Bourbon-Parma Family of Austria. This is reportedly her engagement ring and the date 25th June 1902 is engraved on it!

Take a look at the vintage ring:

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Today’s #SpecialistSelection is from @benoit.repellin : “I will never forget the magical sale of ‘Royal Jewels from the Bourbon Parma Family’. Years ago, the family provided us with a detailed handwritten inventory of all the family jewels, by Princess Elie de Bourbon-Parme, née Archduchess Marie Anne of Austria. I worked on this for years: transcribing the inventory, matching the descriptions with the jewels, and going deep into the family trees – I almost felt part of the family! This delicate #ruby and #diamond ring was Princess Marie Anne’s engagement ring, and the date, 25th June 1902, is engraved on the shank. Thanks to her, I know the family history and the provenance of each jewel, so this most personal jewel was very special to me. And not only to me: it sold for CHF 32,500 – more than 6 times the low estimate! What a superb family collection, gathered throughout centuries and with such impeccable provenance.” #sothebysjewels #sothebysgeneva #bourbonparmajewels

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Now, take a look at Katy’s engagement ring:

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Don’t they look super similar?

We don’t know if Orlando new about Princess Marie Anne, but the design seems to have been inspired by her engagement ring dated back to 1902.

Either way, we wish the newly engaged couple, a lifetime of happiness together!

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