Karan Johar Slams A Troll On Twitter Who Questioned His Parenting

Karan Johar Slams A Troll On Twitter Who Questioned His Parenting

Jahnavi Patel

Social media has its own set of pros and cons. Where most of us use it to stay connected with our family and friends, and also to stay updated with the latest happenings around the globe, some people have a different approach to it, sometimes in the form of trolls. Because of social media, it has also become easier for fans to connect with their favourite celebrities. Some appreciate their work and some use the platform to criticise them too. Take Karan Johar‘s recent tweet for instance.

A Twitter user had written to the filmmaker about keeping his twins, Yash Johar and Roohi Johar away from motherly love. Karan, who has given a befitting reply to trollers in the past too, made sure to reply to this particular tweet.

Here’s what he said:

Looks like this made the user pull down the tweet soon after. We love it when KJo shuts them like a boss!

Karan welcomed Yash and Roohi via surrogacy in February 2017. At the India Today conclave held a month after he broke the news of becoming a father, he had spoken about his new journey. “I am the mother of my children. I am more of a mother than I am a father,” he had said. You can read more about it here.

Yash and Roohi turned two years old some days back and daddy hosted a big birthday bash for them.

Below are some photos and videos from the party:

What a great father Karan Johar is!