5 Real Girls Take On The Fashion Colour Of The Season

5 Real Girls Take On The Fashion Colour Of The Season

Natasha Patel

While we’re just in over a month into the new year, we seem to have already found the trend of 2019. And from the way we see it, a trend only becomes a trend when it builds an audience. Designers often envision these sorts of things with their seasonal collections during fashion week. But the real way people take note of it is through digital influencers. What the influencer spots on the fashion runway is seeded into their minds, which in turn leads to an influx of “inspired” posts on their Instagram feed.

And on those exact lines, we’ve found that the hottest Spring/Summer colour is, neon green!

Here are a few influential women who have made their names in the fashion industry. Whether plus sized, petite or dusky-toned, these ladies will show you how they pulled off the bright and trending colour; neon green.

1. Paloma Elsesser

2. Santoshi Shetty

3. Shloka Narang

4. Natalie Adaws

5. Ashley Graham

Neon green is definitely becoming the must-try trend of the season. So, how would you wear it?

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