One of the best phases of life is college life, isn’t it? Stress levels were low and fun levels were at an all-time high! The only thing we needed to ever worry about was our attendance, pocket money and get decent grades. All of those were possible to achieve even though most of our time would be spent loitering around cafes, college canteens and the stalls around the college that served the yummiest food! The one thing that was a major part of college life was hanging out at these places, amirite? But, it wasn’t just to pass time, it was because the food was just too effin’ good (and affordable for us kids). Today, we’re taking you down memory lane by listing down a few canteens and stalls around colleges in Mumbai that serve the best food ever! Here they are:

1. Jai Sandwich, Near MMK College

MM Recommends: Aloo Cheese Slice

2. Raju Chinese, Opposite HR College

MM Recommends: Triple Shezwan Rice

3. Anand Stall, Near NM College

MM Recommends: Gini Dosa

4. DP’s The Fast Food Centre, Opposite Ruia’s College

MM Recommends: Pav Bhaji

5. Xaviers Canteen (Foyer), St. Xavier’s College

MM Recommends: Cheese Palak Dosa, The Sectsy Toast, Cheese Garlic Maggi & Chicken Frankie

6. Ashok Vada Pav, Near Kirti College

MM Recommends: Choori Pav

7. Shetty’s Corner, Near Bhavan’s College

MM Recommends: Chicken Manchow Soup

8. Yummies, Near Rizvi College

MM Recommends: Triple Shezwan Rice

9. Sophia Dosa, Outside Sophia College

MM Recommends: Cheese Mysore Masala Dosa

These places might be the most underrated spots in the city and if you haven’t tried all of them out yet, we suggest you do. You won’t regret it, promise! Which one of these would you want to visit first? Tell us in the comments below.

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