Dear Sister, Here's What I Need You To Know About Surviving Adulthood

Natasha Patel , 19 Feb 2019

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They say the ones that drive you up the wall are usually the ones that keep you grounded the most. I have two younger sisters, and as much as I want to kill them on most days, they’re practically the best faces to wake up to, and go to sleep around. And here’s what they need to know about growing up…

Dear little ones,

Since the time I felt your kicks in mummy’s tummy, I’ve taken it upon myself to be your protector and guide. Yes, I’m your 27-year-old sister/grandmother/nagger/annoyance, but I have your best interests at heart. So, if you’ve got around a minute and a half to spare, listen to some of the hard lessons I’ve learnt in life and how to grow into the best version and adult you!

It’s Okay If You Don’t Have A Clue About What To Do

Listen closely… No one ever really has a clue about what they’re doing. It’s the truth. The time I truly felt lost was after graduating. It took me years of trying to “find” myself or what I was “good at” to only realise I didn’t have to find it, I was it. So don’t be too hard on yourself, whether it’s for a job or any important decision in life. Take one day as it comes and breathe through it all.

Keep The Friendships That Let You Thrive

It’s like all the memes say—in your teens you have an army of friends by your side. But by the time you hit that 25 mark, you discover you don’t need the entire cavalry, just the few who’d unhesitatingly stay by your side through the tiring times.

Don’t Stop Looking

Be it in relationships, work or yourself, don’t limit your search. And while I’m still working on this part—don’t let the fear of “NO” keep you from trying again, and again.

Be Cautious, Not Reckless

Just like couples should never go to sleep in anger, you shouldn’t make a decision when you’re upset either. Also, know that revenge is sweet but being a good human will inevitably have you sleeping better—with zero cavities.

Let Out The Goofball

Tanya, you’re the funniest person I’ve met, and lived with. Binayesha, you are so weirdly wired that you’re way too hilarious for me sometimes. And no matter your relationship or profession, let that shine through. As clichéd as it sounds, don’t let anyone tell you how to or not to behave. And with a phrase you often tell me when deciding my morning tea or coffee dilemma, “You do you, gurrrrl“, I would like you to follow suit on the same!

It’s Okay To Cry Out Loud Sometimes

Yeah, I cry. Not because I’m extra sensitive but mannn, does it feel good to let it all out sometimes. Trust me, crying (in the shower especially) is not only liberating, but it’s cheaper than a therapist. So remember if you can’t solve your worries, let it out in the shower.
FYI, this doesn’t mean you make fun of me now.

Go Hug Your Parents…

… and your sister writing this post atm, even though I’ll be home later tonight.


Natty x

P.S: Even though I wrote this is for my sisters, it’s something I’d love for every teen to know :)

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