Two people can never be exactly the same, can they? No two people can have the exact kind of day either but there are some common things that we’ve all experienced at a certain point in our lives. Be it forgetting your umbrella because it was sunny and then returning home drenched. Or leaving extra early yet reaching late for an interview because of traffic. There are many such instances which make us feel like everything is going wrong with the day and absolutely nothing can make it better. It’s these days that remind us that life isn’t always a cakewalk. If you’ve ever had a day like that then you will most certainly relate to Esha Deol‘s short film, Cakewalk, directed by Ram Kamal.

This film revolves around 24 hours of Esha’s character, Shilpa Sen‘s life, where she needs to win her own battle. A battle that she has been fighting for years. Shilpa needs to bake a cake for a high profile couple who plans to celebrate their wedding anniversary in Kolkata. Though it might seem to be an easy task for any chef, for Shilpa this was anything but a cakewalk.

Talking about the director, Esha said,

I had full faith in Ram Kamal and I knew that he would do his best. We have put in our effort to make a good film, now audience will tell us.

Ram revealed that he always wanted to work with the talented Esha. He further added,

Esha plays the role of Shilpa Sen in the film, and she will be the first female chef on screen. Earlier we have seen Amitabh Bachchan in R Balki‘s, Cheeni Kum and Saif Ali Khan in the remake of the Hollywood film, Chef. But it was  high time that we had a female chef on screen in a Hindi language cinema too. I always wanted to work with Esha because she is a powerhouse of talent, and I would give entire credit to her for bestowing faith in me and my team, It was actually Esha who inspired me to direct the film.

Produced by Dinesh Gupta, Shailendra Kumar, Aritra Das and directed by Ram Kamal, the short film has released on Viacom 18’s digital platform, Voot.