No, Priyanka Chopra Is Not Pregnant—Can We Please Stop Speculating Celebrity Pregnancies?

Pallavi Manoj , 19 Feb 2019

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There’s a set array of questions that women are asked if not by fellow women just by society in general. Any woman above the age of 20, must’ve been subjected to this and celebrities are no different. Sure they’ve done pathbreaking work, but let’s focus on their current boyfriend, their relationship with their husband and when-oh-when they’ll give the whole world ‘good news‘. No, not of a pay hike, obviously. You should know that you have an attitude problem if you ask for the money you deserve.

The ‘good news‘ we’re referring to here in an Indian sense of being is welcoming a baby into your midst. If not, “Why have you put on weight for no reason?” Is a woman’s life really complete if they’re not married? Or if they’ve not experienced the miracle of childbirth? No, ma’am, no.

This holds true even when you’re a celebrity. You could be Priyanka Chopra or Anushka Sharma and if not nosy neighbours, the media takes up the role of the Indian Aunty interested in your sex life.
Last week, the internet was buzzing with news of the newlywed Priyanka sporting a baby bump.

This was the picture in question:

What a cute outfit right?

But the internet was focusing on something else.

As you can imagine, speculation articles of whether PeeCee and Nick Jonas were actually having their first baby were all over the world wide web in no time. Sure, there were pictures of PeeCee’s stomach looking not as flat as your phone screen. But of course, this could only mean she was pregnant because why else would that tiny, minuscule bit of tummy be there? She is, after all, an international icon who does not have the permission to put on a little weight, let alone maybe eat a really heavy meal or be layered in clothes because it might just have been cold. It’s only natural that the interweb starts putting 2 and 2 together. The superstar had expressed interest in eventually starting a family + minuscule tummy showing = Of course, pregnant. To the disappointment of many across social media, Madhu Chopra, Priyanka’s mom has finally rubbished rumours of her pregnancy as well. Let’s take a very ‘pregnant’ pause to take in the news.

But PC isn’t the only one to have been subjected to this. She is just the latest among the many actresses who’ve been through this.
A few months ago, it was Anushka’s turn to face these rumours. In fact, even Google seems to have gotten tired of Anushka’s pregnancy news speculation. The search engine is legit like, “Tell me once and for all, is she pregnant or not?”

Take a look:

Anushka Sharma news on google
Anushka Sharma news on google

Anushka had to finally come and clear out all the baseless pregnancy rumours during the promotions of her movie Zero. She even said how regressive she found these questions.

She had said,

 I got married at a young age for a reason. If you are having a baby, it is something that no one can hide. You can still hide a marriage, but not the fact that you are pregnant. People can keep speculating, and then after four months when they realise that these stories are false, they will feel silly and say, let’s go after the other one who got married, let’s talk about her now! This is done to generate news. There is absolutely no truth to it and it’s not something that’s being planned in the near future.

After this clarification, and as Anushka had predicted, the interweb swiftly said Thank you, next and moved on to Priyanka.

Much like Anushka and PeeCee, back in 2018, Bipasha Basu was also subjected to pregnancy rumours thanks to a flowy dress she wore and the actress had to finally tweet out a clarification.

Take a look:

Bipasha Basu's tweet
Bipasha Basu’s tweet

I guess the internet is just going for a ‘try and try until it succeeds’ theme when it comes to guessing about celebrity pregnancies.

So here’s my humble request to all my fellow internet users.

Can women, celebrities or anyone otherwise just get pregnant or not get pregnant, eat a burger and maybe show a little food baby if they want to? Let them plan their families in peace, maybe?

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