Women have got so many sides to them—they’re so versatile that they blend with all kinds of people whenever they have to. But, let’s not forget that even though they mould themselves to fit any kind of situation, every woman has a certain personality that’s unique to her. Some women are girly and some who identify as tomboys.

I consider myself the latter because that’s who I’ve been all my life. I’ve always preferred to wear sneakers, not cared much about how I look, and basically had an odd taste in movies, music and friends too. Being a tomboy wasn’t easy for me, because being this way wasn’t considered as the “ideal” way for a girl to behave, but honestly, I didn’t give a eff. I may have been isolated, made fun of and been called names, but that didn’t change the way I was. In fact, even to this day, I’m still the same, despite others’ futile efforts in changing me. If you were or still are a tomboy like me, you’re defo gonna relate to what I’m about to tell you.

1. People telling you to doll up

You’ll be out there wearing your dad’s T-shirt, sneakers and tying your hair up in a bun, and suddenly someone will pass a comment about how you’re not “girly enough”. They’ll coax you to wear makeup, put on dainty dresses or accessorise more. It could get annoying considering that isn’t you, and if you really wanted to, you would have.

2. Answering relatives who are scared you’ll never get married

You’re not the usual kinda girl who talks about your relationships in public. And that gives people the idea that you don’t ever want to get married. In fact, a lot of people question your sexuality just because you don’t dress up like other girls. Really, judgmental aunty, talk to the hand!

3. Sneakers, sneakers, sneakers!

Even if you wear a dress, you’re going to wear sneakers with it. Because, comfort, bro! You really don’t care if you’re looking graceful or not ’cause you aren’t wearing heels. Sneakers, all day, erryday!

4. And hence, falling in heels… A lot

Yes, you own heels, because they looked really pretty on the rack of the store you visited. But, you’ve not even worn them once. Because you just can’t imagine the pain and the art of balance in these bad boys. No event is convenient enough for your heels. And when you wear them, you look like Bambi learning how to walk!

5. There’s nothing more comfortable than a loose tee and shorts

Your closet is overflowing with black long tees, leggings, sweatpants, and shorts. There’s nothing wrong with making comfort a priority, no?

6. Makeup, what?

You really wonder how beauty bloggers nail the winged eyeliner. If you ever watched a makeup tutorial, you wonder what half these products really are. What’s a primer, and how does one contour?!

7. Hating salon visits

Let the moustache grow, how does it matter? Is what most of us tomboys think. Well, sometimes, it’s outta control so we really have to go. But mani-pedis, facials and hair spas are just not our thing. The max we go for is hair-removal and haircuts.

8. You can relate to Arya Stark more than Sansa Stark

If you’re a GoT fan, you’re totes gonna relate to this reference. While the world idolised Sansa Stark in the first season of Game Of Thrones, us tomboys could relate to Arya Stark’s character more. She preferred archery to knitting and stitching and if we were a part of this series, we’d join her too. Amirite?

9. Nail paints and lipsticks can never be within the lines

Some women apply lipstick and nail paint so perfectly that it looks like they’ve got it done professionally. You, on the other hand, do not have the patience to neatly apply it. The lipstick will also always be outside the lips and will look like you’ve applied it in the car while driving on a bumpy road.

10. Band of bros

Many tomboys including myself have had trouble mingling with other women. Some of them, at least speaking personally, couldn’t understand my vibe. My interests were different from theirs and we couldn’t really converse about things. On the other hand, I had a group of bros I would hang out with often. We would play basketball and football and had a bunch of things we all could talk about all day. These guys would never judge the way I was, what I wore or how I behaved. They accepted me for me. The only problem here was when these guys would start dating girls, their girlfriends would get the wrong idea about my friendship with them and that put me in a weird spot. I then started maintaining some distance from them over a period of time. This is something even Advocate Isha Warhade from Malini’s Girl Tribe experienced and I could totally relate. She even mentioned that being pally with guys sometimes gave some men the wrong idea. And some of them even have the wrong intentions, so the tricky part here is to recognise who’s genuinely being a true friend and who wants to get in your pants.

A lot of people will tell you many things that really don’t concern them. Well, that’s okay, they’ll say things no matter what you do. So, rather be your beautiful self. Hang out with people you love—the ones that accept you for who you are, wear what makes you feel comfortable, and don’t bother about what others think! After all, no one else can live your life for you. So, live it your way. Repeat after me, tomboy and proud!

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