Looking at rich celebrities makes many of us wish we could just swap lives with them, no? More often than not, we tend to ignore the hardships that they go through to make that kind of money. It all looks so lavish and comfortable being on the other side, isn’t it? But the truth is, not a lot of these celebrities lived this way when they first started out with their careers. Just like any other person on this planet, they too lived a life full of struggle before reaching where they are today. And if you thought it couldn’t be so bad for them, read on to find out their ‘rags to riches’ stories.

1. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey’s financial status during his teen years was far from what it is right now. His family was middle class and they hit rock bottom when his father lost his job. Jim then had to quit school and work 8 hours a day as a security guard and janitor, at the age of 15! They even had to move to live in their van. He then managed to take out time and work on a comedy routine which led him to discover his comedic skills and become what he is today.

Present Net Worth

$150 million

2. Leighton Meester

Her mother gave birth to her while serving time in prison, which is why she was raised by her grandmother in Mango Island, Florida. When her mother was out of prison, the mother-daughter duo then moved to New York for new beginnings. This is where Leighton started her career as a model. They later moved to Los Angeles in 2008 which led her to eventually get a major break.

Present Net Worth

$5 million

3. J.K. Rowling

Before the release of her first book in the Harry Potter series, she was an unemployed single mother who was relying on welfare. That is when she focused entirely on writing her first book, usually in a cafe with her little daughter. Her debut book worked wonders and the series followed successfully. They were later even created into movies. The epic part is, her agent once told her that she would never make any money writing books.

Present Net Worth

$1 billion

4. Tom Cruise

Tom led a normal, comfortable life in his early years. But when he was just 11 years old, his mother left the family home and shortly after his father, too, passed away. He was left orphaned and impoverished. He then managed to make a spot for himself in the show business, all by himself.

Present Net Worth

$500 million

5. Oprah Winfrey

As many of us know, Oprah had a very troubled childhood and kept moving from one home to another. She initially lived with her grandmother but later had to live with her mother, who she revealed, wasn’t very supportive. She then left to live with her father, who she credits for instilling a great business sense in her.

Present Net Worth

$2.5 billion

6. Sarah Jessica Parker

Her role as Carrie Bradshaw was nothing like her real life before she became famous. She grew up in Nelsonville in a poor family. Their family relied entirely on welfare and went through times where they couldn’t even afford to celebrate Christmas, birthdays and buy gifts. They lived without electricity and their phone lines were usually cut as they weren’t able to pay the bill.

Present Net Worth

$90 million

7. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo did not get to experience or enjoy financial security during his childhood. He was a poor youngster who had seen way too much on the mean streets of New York. He revealed that he saw violence, drugs, prostitution at a very tender age, which made him realise he never wanted to end up like most of the people around him. This motivated him to work harder and be where he is today.

Present Net Worth

$245 million

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