Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas came together to form their band, ‘Jonas Brothers’ back in 2005. They became an instant hit after Disney’s Camp Rock which also starred Demi Lovato. The band enjoyed a huge fan following and awards over the years but sadly their alliance came to an end when their differences led to the band being split six years ago. We’re sure thousands of fans were heartbroken over their separation and must’ve prayed for them to announce that it was one big prank. However, that never happened and since then the real-life Jonas brothers have been successfully working on their solo careers.

But looks like the universe has answered our prayers, my friends! Sure, it’s a delayed gratification but various reports suggest that they might be reuniting after all! Reports in the US Weekly also suggested that they might drop the ‘Brothers’ and rename the band to ‘Jonas’. Just like us, the Internet’s freaking out about this good news too and here are some of the best reactions we came across!

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I am sure the news has caused most of us to have at least one of these reactions right now!

Besides dropping new music, they’re also expected to release a documentary on their journey. Cool, right?! Which is why I don’t mean to burst your bubble and my own. However, if you remember, the bros did plan a reunion back in 2013 and came so close to going on a tour before they called it off. So, I am hoping this really happens or I am crying ‘S.O.S.’