One of the surprising aspects of a healthy relationship is fighting. Now, we’re not talking about petty fights or ridiculous arguments a couple has often. But the fights that are sensible—these are the kind of fights that help a couple come out stronger than ever. A fight could help a person recognise their partner’s true character. Plus how an individual reacts during a fight is a defining factor for their SO. There are, however, some things one should just never tell their partner, even though they might feel like saying them. These things could effectively ruin a healthy relationship. So, if you’re fighting with your partner, make sure you never tell them these things because chances are, you don’t really mean them. Here they are.

1. “It’s over

We say things that are hurtful and most times we don’t even mean them. Don’t say this until and unless you really mean to end things. Just saying it to increase the intensity of a fight is not something you should do. Because you don’t really want to end your relationship with them. Uttering these words just like that will affect your partner in such a way that it’ll make them hit rock bottom and getting out of this feeling might be close to impossible. So, don’t let it get to that point.

2. Saying words like “always” and “never

A lot of people have a tendency to blame their partners for past fights, even the ones that have been resolved. Your partner will stop trusting if you keep repeating this. Saying stuff like “you always do this when we go out.” or “you never express yourself when you have to” will disappoint your partner as they do things their way. Plus, it’s not fair to forget each and everything your partner has ever done for you based on just this particular fight.

Couple Fighting (Image Coutesy: Shutterstock)
Couple Fighting (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

3. “Don’t behave like my ex

Abort. We repeat—abort! Never ever compare your partner to your ex. You left your ex for a reason, so don’t make the mistake of showing your partner that you think the ex and current are similar in any way. It’s a massive turn off.

4. “F*&k Off

Using cuss words will lower the respect your partner has for you currently. You don’t want to be one of those couples who swear at each other in public or even behind closed doors. Such relationships don’t last very long.

5. “You don’t love me like you used to

No one likes to hear this. So, never say this to your partner ’cause it’s gonna hurt them more than you think.

Couple Fighting | Image Source:
Couple Fighting | Image Source:

6. “This other couple or person deals with fights better

Again, comparing your partner or relationship with someone else’s is going to piss them off. They’re unique and that’s why you love them. So, don’t make the mistake of comparing them to others as every relationship and person is different.

7. Nothing

Expressing yourself is really important. Staying quiet and not telling the other person how you feel is only going to make them assume things you probably would never say. Don’t blame them if they think otherwise because you didn’t give them a choice!

It’s natural to fight and even say some hurtful things though you didn’t mean them. But these things can cause irreparable damage. So, avoid these at any cost. Because bullets left from guns and words uttered from a person’s mouth can never be taken back! So, speak wisely.

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