2018 was a year of many firsts for actress Sara Ali Khan. She made her big Bollywood debut with Kedarnath followed by the mass-entertainer Simmba opposite Ranveer Singh. She has been winning over everyone’s hearts ever since. The young actress is already cherishing the fresh beginnings that the world of cinema has brought into her life and it seems she’s all set to make another big change!

Just one day ago, a leaked photo of this Khan girl went viral on the internet. She was spotted with multiple boxes and luggage bags. This picture set the rumour mills spinning with news about how she’s moving out of her mom’s house.

Take a look:

Sara Ali Khan
Sara Ali Khan

Looks like the actress wanted to keep her move under the wraps, right? That’s exactly what we thought too. And we were sure Sara had bought her own swanky pad after the photo she shared on her Instagram feed!

Check it out:

The starlet captioned it saying, “Here’s to new beginnings!”

This was enough to get us all curious, especially, her fans across the nation. But turns out all of us got it wrong! Yes, the mama’s girl is not moving out of her mother’s house anytime soon. However, she is definitely making a new beginning in her life. The stunning actress has now been brought on board to endorse Veet’s new product which is the Veet Cold Wax Strips. This is her first brand endorsement ever and what a beginning it is! The cold wax strips are for every girl who is spontaneous, confident and wears her feminity and personality like a crown. Who better than Sara to endorse a product that every young woman can relate to?

Her films prove that she’s extremely talented. But beyond that, her other interviews and appearances have shown us how witty, charming, driven and passionate she is irl. So much so that she even chased Rohit Shetty to get a role in his film, Simmba and was upfront about it too. Like every modern working woman, Sara leads a busy life with an erratic schedule. Given that she is a public figure and with the uncertain nature of the industry, it is important to have instant access to hassle-free personal grooming.

Veet’s Cold Wax Strips helps you achieve that in a jiffy. Be it an impromptu date or an event you totally forgot about, going to a salon at the last moment isn’t always possible. Which is why we need something as instant as our mood swings – and something that helps you get the perfect, silky-smooth look and feel on your skin just in a few minutes.

So go on girls, #PullItOff and say no to the hurtful, time-consuming ways of waxing and just peel-apply-pull with these Sara Ali Khan-approved Cold Wax Strips.

You can check out the new TVC featuring the gorgeous actress here:

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