Gully Boy has been garnering a lot of attention and appreciation since its release. The movie has left the audiences and critics equally impressed. Besides an incredible story line, the cast and their performances have been applauded too. And it’s not just us, even Bollywood celebrities are turning into fans. The latest one to join the list is Ishaan Khatter. The Dhadak actor took to social media and posted his own rap video for Vijay Varma aka Moeen. Vijay’s character is shown to be neither completely good nor entirely bad but somewhere in the grey. He makes his character look raw and real. Vijay, recently shared a video of him rapping just like his character Moeen and that Instagram video inspired him Ishaan to share his own version of it.

Ishaan is a talented actor and has many talents, we already know he is too good at dancing like his brother and actor, Shahid Kapoor. But that’s not it, he can also rap and quite well too. He took to social media to appreciate Vijay for his performance with a video of him rapping.

Check it out:

Isn’t this super cool?

Khatter’s caption read, “Moeen bhai bole machao toh majboori thi, kya? In honour of one of my favourite films in a long time and Moeen bhai, one of @zoieakhtar ’s best characters. Thank you @itsvijayvarma for making him a flesh and blood human being. @ranveersingh @aliaabhatt @siddhantchaturvedi @ozajay straight up gangstas 🗣”

Gully Boy is certainly a film that’s grabbing everyone’s attention. Have you watched it yet?