4 Books Based On Real-Life Serial Killers That Will Mess Your Brain Up

Suruchi Patwary , 22 Feb 2019

Creepy stories‘ nights are my favourite kind of nights. And if they are based on real-life incidents (with proof to research later on for hours), you know you’re in for a treat. The worst kind are the real-life serial killer stories that make you question the intentions of everyone around you. I recently had the chance to read some of the most gruesome books based on real-life serial killers, and TBH, it messed up my brain. So I thought to myself, “If I am going down, I am taking you all down with me.” So here are 4 of the most disturbing books IMHO. The details in each of these books can sometimes become too much to take, so proceed with caution…

1. Blind Eye: The Terrifying Story Of A Doctor Who Got Away With Murder

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So @thehalcyondaysofsummer is doing a giveaway and challenged us to post a book from our homeland. I grew up in the smallish town of Quincy, IL and The Blind Eye is the book I picked. 💉 A few years ago, while on vacation in Hawaii, the owner of the B&B I was staying at recommended this book because he knew my boyfriend is a physician. Later that night I looked up the book and realized it was written by someone from my hometown about a serial killer from my hometown. The man who recommended it didn't even know I was from IL! I felt like I was in a thriller of my own then! 💉 Anyway, this is an extremely well-written true crime novel that I highly recommend! The author has even won a Pulitzer Prize (for another book). 💉 #halcyon20k #theblindeye #jamesbstewart #truecrime #quincy #books #bookstagram #bookish #bookworm #instabooks #instareads

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The title itself is enough to freak you out, no? Out of all the people, a doctor? Who are we supposed to trust now? So the story is about a young doctor, Michael Swango, whose patients suddenly start dying due to puzzling conditions. He is suspected to have killed at least 35 people in the USA and Africa, in a span of 15 years. The book reveals some gripping details about his crimes and how nobody did anything about it.

2. The Stranger Beside Me

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#partner Thanks to @gallerybooks for the free copy! . . Anyone else read this one yet?? I'm loving this rerelease edition of this true crime classic 😍 . . The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule . . "Meeting in 1971 at a Seattle crisis clinic, Ann Rule and Ted Bundy developed a friendship and correspondence that would span the rest of his life. Rule had no idea that when they went their separate ways, their paths would cross again under shocking circumstances. . The Stranger Beside Me is Rule’s compelling firsthand account of not just her relationship with Bundy, but also his life—from his complicated childhood to the media circus of his trials. Astonishing in its intimacy and with Rule’s clear-eyed prose, you can’t help but share in her growing horror at discovering that her friend was one of the most notorious American serial killers. . An unforgettable and haunting work of research, journalism, and personal memories, The Stranger Beside Me is “as dramatic and chilling as a bedroom window shattering at midnight” (The New York Times)." . . #truecrime #nonfiction #thestrangerbesideme #annrule #tedbundy #serialkiller #bookstagram #booksbooksbooks #bookobsessed #unitedbookstagram #newreleases #bibliophile #gallerybooks #bookbloggers #ilovebooks #bookaddicts #bookphotos

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This book is actually an autobiography by Ann Rule, who was friends with the serial killer Ted Bundy. This makes the book even creepier as she actually worked with Bundy at a crisis counselling centre. The book was written in 1980 and talks about him being executed for killing 36 women in the USA. There is a Netflix series about him as well as an upcoming movie, featuring Zac Efron as Ted Bundy too.

3. Deviant: The Shocking Truth Of Ed Gein, The Original Psycho

Based on Ed Gein—one of the most brutal serial killers of all time, the book will force you to sleep with one eye open. Ed was a momma’s boy who never left her side. But after his mother passed away, he turned into a psychotic monster. He started digging up graves, taking out female bodies and engaging in necrophilia. It didn’t stop there. He then kept the skulls and used them as bowls, made suits out of the skin—as a souvenir. Apart from this, he also killed two women. If you’ve watched Psycho and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Ed Gein was the inspiration behind the characters of Norman Bates and Leatherface.

4. The Night Stalker

Richard Ramirez was a Satan worshiper who broke into random homes, especially during the night time. He then raped and tortured anyone living in that house. This happened between June 1984 and August 1985 in San Fransisco and Los Angeles. During this time, the people who lived there were afraid to even close their eyes for a minute, let alone sleep peacefully at night.

Which one of these books would you want to read first? Let us know in the comments below.

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