Dating is not as easy as most people think it is. Some people luck out with good partners while others have to struggle in finding ‘the one’. Some just meet people at a random event and just connect, while others try everything they can to find their soulmates. There are also some situations in life where one likes a person but that person doesn’t feel the same way. That’s tough luck, and it really hurts when that happens, right? But, there are also times that you get lucky when your crush likes you back! Yay! Best feeling ever, no? There are ways to recognise if your crush also gets butterflies in their stomach for you, just like you do for them. Here are a few signs you can read into to find out!

1. They find excuses to talk to you

They’re always looking for ways to come up to you and talk to you. Whether it’s a project, a party or even some news piece that’s worth a chat, they’d come to you and talk to you about it first. That’s the first sign of them crushing on you too.

2. You catch them looking at you

You randomly catch them looking at you, many times during the day. You’re doing your own thing, looking around and suddenly bam—they’re looking right at you (hopefully in a non-creepy way). In fact, the way they look at you, you can tell they’re into you.

Man Looking At A Woman | Image Source:
Man Looking At A Woman | Image Source:

3. They start tagging you in memes

Like we mentioned, they’ll make up any reason to strike a conversation with you. And they’ll subconsciously start thinking of you every time they find a funny meme. You know, they probably don’t come across these memes, but find the ones that are relevant to you by going out of their way.

4. They reply to your texts almost immediately

THey’ve got zero chill when it comes to you and they’re not afraid to show it. They’ll reply to your texts almost immediately after you’ve texted them. And they’ll even be the ones to text you first sometimes if a conversation hasn’t been initiated by you for a while.

Man Talking To Woman | Image Source:
Man Talking To Woman | Image Source:

5. They drop hints to meet you

They’ll always come up with plans that suggest they’d want to meet. A new movie, a new restaurant or an event, they’d come up with reasons to go on a date with you without directly asking you out.

6. They tell you more about their personal life than others

They feel really comfortable around you and they feel like they can trust you enough to tell you about their family, friends, and even their deepest, darkest secrets. They do this purely because they’re into you but aren’t ready to tell you yet. This, btw, is a great time to get to know them enough before you consider dating them.

7. They act differently around you

They’re super casual when they’re with their friends. But as soon as they make eye contact with you, they get a little awkward and nervous. That’s because they like you and they want to be their best self around you. So, they’re really different around you vs around their other friends. Cute, isn’t it? You can almost see them blush a little every time they meet you or even if someone just mentions your name.

Boy Talking To Girl | Image Source:
Boy Talking To Girl | Image Source:

If you’ve experienced your crush giving you these signals, you can now celebrate because high chances are, they like you back! If not, then they’re weird to send you such mixed signals so get over them as soon as you can! And if they like you they’re probably taking their time to ask you out. So, you can either wait it out till they ask you, or you can initiate this conversation yourself too!

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