Shamita Shetty is a part of the ninth season of the reality show, Khatron Ke Khiladi. Reality shows are known for the high level of drama and arguments which get the audiences hooked. Sometimes it is entertaining to watch these little tiffs and competition between the contestants but sometimes it gets ugly. What makes it so ugly is the involvement of internet trolls in the situation. They are the ones who fail to understand the difference between real and virtual. Something similar happened with Shamita because of one of the tasks she performed as a captain.

Shamita suffered an injury and couldn’t perform a task well which led her to put forward another contestant who was a part of her team. The task showed the Mohabbatein in a different light and things were left unsettled between the contestants. However, this problem didn’t end on the show, it is continuing as trolls have been leaving hateful comments on Shamita’s social media accounts and making personal attacks at her. All this has left the actress aghast with negative attention.

The actress hasn’t confronted the trolls yet but then indulging in such futile arguments online never helped anyone. Here’s hoping Shamita finds a way to block out all the unnecessary heat that’s being thrown her way for a show.