Outline Nail Art That Will Satisfy Every Minimalist

Outline Nail Art That Will Satisfy Every Minimalist

Jyotika Udeshi

I’m all about crazy nail art, but minimalistic designs are the ones that set my heart on fire. Thus, when I discovered the outline nail trend, I quickly began to take screenshots so that I could try it out at my next manicure session!

Essentially, this fad involves outlining the edge of your nails in a contrasting hue. You can choose to leave the rest of your nails bare or colour them in with a light nail lacquer. Since this type of work does require precision and a steady hand, it’s best to use a thin brush or turn to the professionals when attempting it.

If you too would like to hop on this trend, here’s a little inspiration for you:

1. Splashes Of Colour

Love playing around with colour? Paint the entire base of your tips in a creamy nude shade and then add a bright hue all around the edges.

2. Pastel Dreams

This dual-toned creation is ideal for those who prefer an understated and sophisticated look.

3. Plain And Simple

This clean and crisp nail art is the one every minimalist should opt for! If French manicures are your staples, you can definitely shake things up slightly by opting for this design.

4. Edgy Chic

I’m obsessed with this look! The contrast of black and nude looks incredibly fierce and trendy, whilst still keeping it low-key.

5. Pearl Embellishments

If the above designs are too muted for you, take inspiration from this nail art. The inclusion of a pearl border will definitely make your tips stand out, whilst still giving off a soft and dainty vibe.

6. Doubled Up

Why stick to one colour when you can go for two? Use vivid and complementary shades like the ones below for a fun and fresh look.

7. Neon Drama

These nails are here to make a statement! Outline your tips with a funky neon green or yellow to ensure that everyone pays attention to your hands.

8. Shimmer And Shine

Whether you’ve got a wedding to attend or are just fond of glitter, this elegant gold design is here to save the day. For a stronger contrast, use a shimmery silver hue instead.

The best part about this nail trend is that no matter which design you pick, it will still look stylish and subtle! If you are planning to try this manicure out, do let me know which one you will pick.

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