RJ Malishka a.k.a Mumbai ki rani is not just a renowned personality on radio. She became a household name, thanks to her energetic and lively voice on the Morning no. 1 show on Red FM and also went on to act in Tumhari Sulu with Vidya Balan. One of the best things about Malishka is that she uses her voice, platform and fame to address social issues – the most popular one being her rap on the Mumbai potholes.

Recently, our multi-talented woman was honoured with the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke award in the ‘RJ Of The Year’ category at the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival. Team MissMalini caught up with Malishka on winning the award, how she felt thereafter and lots more.

Here are a few excerpts:

Team MM: How did you find out about the honour? Did you even think that you’ll be awarded this?


Well actually, someone at work had actually hinted at it. But even then I was like… not sure. Because this is not something you’re told in advance. This award especially. It’s not like I fought for the award between 10 others. But when I actually found out I couldn’t believe it! I found and I was over the moon! #OnTheWayToTheMoon. I was so honoured. Really. After all of that, my first thought was what was I going to wear and who am I going to take along. Then I decided I’ll wear a saree. I was just really excited.

Team MM: What was the best thing that happened after you won the award?


My mom bought me flowers and biscuits after she got to know. And your mom is not someone you usually expect flowers from! But she actually did that and I was like wow. There are different ways in which parents show pride and this is one of those. And the best thing was people called me to say that I deserved it. That’s what meant the most to me. It was just so nice to hear that.

It’s true, Malishka, you deserve it. We also chatted with her about her opinion on radio being a dying medium and she said:

I hate when people say that because I don’t think that at all. But I understand how it can be seen that way, the visual medium is so strong these days. But see for me as an RJ I’m doing so much other than radio. I’ve done a movie, I’ve been part of TV shows, I’ve done an ALT Balaji web show and I’m also doing Jio Saavn show about the #MeToo Movement. So I’ve had the chance to explore a lot. And radio has given me that and I think it will go to greater heights now.

Team MM: So what next? Tell us about your future plans!


Haha. I was actually telling someone now I should retire and a friend was telling me no, it’s just begun for you! But really though, I actually want to get into acting a bit more. I started with Tumhari Sulu and I want to do a bit more of acting. I also really want to do something for the senior citizens of our country. And I also want to host a show on the lines of Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah. These two people I really look up to, Oprah is my favourite. But that’s what my goals for the future are. And of course, I’ll try and continue with radio because it is my first love. And I absolutely love doing it. I just go into the studio and laugh because there’s just so much of funny news out there!

More power to you, girl! We wish you loads of happiness and success and everything else you want to achieve.