At the risk of making that one part of the internet go, ‘Leave Taimur alone’, here’s another article on Taimur Ali Khan that is bound to make Taimur lovers go ‘aww’ for sure. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan‘s little one has been an internet sensation even before he could comprehend what was going on around him. Both Saif and Kareena have never shied away from the shutterbugs and has never hidden little Tim from the paps either. Naturally, the kiddo has gotten more than familiar with photographers clicking him everywhere he goes. On an episode of Koffee With Karan, Saif had even revealed that a picture of his son fetches a photographer Rs.1500.

Tim is often spotted out with his parents or his nanny and yesterday was one of those days when he was out for a walk with his father, Saif. At first, you see him running into the frame waiting for his dad and all the while he looks directly at the camera. Just as he turns to leave with his father, he shouts media and gives the shutterbugs a big smile!

Check it out:

How frikkin’ adorable is that? Even Saif seems to be taken by surprise as he screams media at the photographers.

On the finale episode of KWK, his mom, Kareena had expressed her concerns about her child growing up in the media glare and how she fears one day Taimur might question her if the photographers stop clicking pictures of him.

Being one of the most photographed star kids in B-town, it is of no surprise that the child already knows the word ‘media’ among other things. Before this, he has often waved and said hi to the paps or even corrected them saying ‘It is Tim’ when the photographers have addressed him as Taimur.

All said and done, this munchkin is just adorable and this video will surely make you smile.