10 Kinds Of Everyday Heroes We Secretly Have An Incredible Amount Of Respect For

10 Kinds Of Everyday Heroes We Secretly Have An Incredible Amount Of Respect For

Karishma Govil

There are many different types of people in the world. Some are happy, some pessimistic, some are hard working and some are just extremely particular about everything they do. Let’s discuss the disciplined ones for just a sec. Now, we’re not talking about the military type of discipline, but the kind who stick to what they’ve planned and are dedicated to what they do. Kooks like us who get lazy to commit to anything should really learn something from them. Here are a few types of people we really have an incredible amount of respect for.

1. The women who get nail extensions every month

Our very own Beauty Editor at MissMalini, Natasha Patel, is one of the biggest examples of this statement. She heads to the nail care salon every month to change her nail art and even visits fortnightly to refill the gel paint. Whoa! And here I am, having commitment issues with my 2019 planner.

2. The people who get up at 5 AM for a workout

Dude, these people are my idols. I legit wake up in the morning just in time to wear my office clothes and leave. And these guys plan their mornings with a workout, breakfast, reading the paper and still have time to chill before going to work.

3. Who travel for hours every day to get to work

I don’t think I’d take up a job that isn’t close to home. I stay about 7 minutes away from the office and even that’s far for me. I can’t even imagine people who travel for hours just to get to work on time. Respect, boss!

4. Who stick to their diet

I eat a salad for breakfast and I feel like I’ve stuck to my diet for months. How do people actually stick to it? I have the will power of a 6-year-old stubborn child. I can’t stay away from sweets and fries!

5. Who don’t need tea or coffee to power through the day

I’ve tried, but it hasn’t turned out well for the person around me. I defo need at least two cups of chai or coffee to open my eyes in the morning. So, I really respect people who say “I don’t drink tea or coffee.” when they’re offered beverages. How do these people wake up in the morning (let alone function throughout the day)?

6. Who stop drinking when they should

The people who have control over their alcohol are just true heroes. They know when to stop, unlike some of us who just don’t get the concept of drinking moderately.

7. Whose phones are always charged

The ones who charge their phones even after the battery hits 100% are just unique, don’t you think? My battery is never higher than 3% ’cause I live on the edge, yo!

8. Who don’t have pet peeves

I think I breathe pet peeves. Actually, I even have a pet peeve of people breathing loudly. But I know a few people who have absolutely no pet peeves. How is that even possible?

9. Who pay their bills on the day they receive them

Yeah, there are many such people in my life. They even try their best to convert me to this disciplined person by telling me to pay my bills on time, but I don’t pay my bill a day before its due date. Because who does anyway?

10. Who keeps track of their expenses

I spend money like I earn in millions. In fact, I have zero idea about where my money goes and by the end of the month, I’m living in a minus salary. Do you feel me? But then there are people who use apps to note down how much they spend and also end up saving money. How how HOW???

These people are definitely achievers because what they do is pretty inspiring, no? Which one of these are you? Tell us in the comments below!

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