I think music festivals are like a quick getaway to a parallel universe, where everything’s alright and everyone’s overjoyed. In those couple of days, you’d only encounter great music, happy faces and an infectious energy radiating from almost everyone present there. More than a week has passed by and I am still kinda trying to get over the beautiful 42 hours that I recently spent in Pune while attending this year’s VH1 Supersonic. Here’s a low-down on a few of the things that made it super special.

The Magical Vibe

Decorated with various celestial props, fairy lights and fun colourful placards – Pune’s Mahalakshmi Lawn looked breathtaking last weekend. I fell in love with the place the moment I stepped in. Moreover, the beautiful mix of the sound of laughter, conversations and melodies only added to the enchantment.

The Happy People

Swagata Dam with her friend Prateek Sibal
Swagata Dam with her friend Prateek Sibal

With their festive fashion game on point, everyone looked absolutely Instagram-worthy. Also, all the attendees exuded a happy glow and I think that’s quite a great sight to witness. While waiting in the long queue, I encountered a pretty curly-haired girl who volunteered to make a bindi on my forehead with her eyeliner because I complimented hers. She also shared her rum-and-coke with me. May God bless that cutie. I must also mention the petite girl in white shirt who I matched steps with during one of the concerts and the group of three I chatted away with when I had lost my friends in the crowd. But most importantly, here’s a shout out to my buddies – Sibal, Rini, Asees, Bhola, Shil and Karthik. VH1 Supersonic wouldn’t have been the same without you guys!

The Mesmerizing Music

From reggae to techno to several other beautiful genres – there was something for every music lover. There were multiple stages and a bunch of celebrated musicians and bands from across the world performed at the festival. I think music festivals are a great way to get acquainted to new music that you’d otherwise never come across.

Bonobo’s Memorable Performance

I CANNOT NOT MENTION BONOBO separately. Watching them live was unarguably one of the most memorable experiences of my life. While their music is epic, their act was also visually appealing, kudos to the technicians who handle the lights and background screens for them. The highlight of the night was when they made a surprise comeback a few moments after ending their set and bidding adieu to the audience. That one extra song made us go nuts!

Prateek Kuhad’s Soulful Voice

I had lost my friends while entering the venue and then I just couldn’t get through to them. But I heard Prateek’s voice and there was no way I was missing that! So I went to see his performance alone and guess what? I made my way straight to the very front row. The evening was was breezy and beautiful. And I cannot express how precious that experience was for me.

Marshmello’s Crazy Act

He won our desi hearts with his kickass performance. His beats, his music – it’s hard not to groove to them. Not to mention, Bollywood heartthrob Kartik Aryan made a surprise entry on stage when Coca Cola was being played and left everyone screaming for more.

The Super Flea

Salad And Juice (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Fried Food (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

The wonderfully curated Super Flea was pretty impressive too! From yummy finger foods to accompany your drinks to delectable mains to soothe your hunger pangs amidst all the madness – VH1 Supersonic had a great spread of delicacies. From Chinese to Lebanese – they had a lot in store for us. And the best part is that unlike many other fests, they even had a lot of place to sit and eat in peace near the stalls. The seats were cool and quirky and perfect to lounge on between concerts while grabbing a bite. While my friends usually stick to beer, I like trying various cocktails every now and then. Thankfully, their bar menu wasn’t limited and I got to try several cocktails – some that were not even in the menu, thanks to the super sweet bartenders. There were also a lot of stalls that sold various cool and quirky items.

It won’t be wrong to say that with each passing year, this fest is taking things a notch higher! Apart from having an excellent artist line-up, the diversity in music and stellar productions, this time they provided the attendees some really satisfying consumer experiences. And that’s something great to come back home with. Also, I cannot emphasize enough on how impressive the productions were. All the stages were a treat to look at and the celestial elements sprinkled across the venue to complement the theme just added to the magical ambiance. There were various photo-worthy spots there, what the the great lighting and colourful decor.

All-in-all it was an incredible experience and I can never get over the amount of fun I’ve had in those two days. Thank you, VH1 Supersonic. See you next year!

*This post is in partnership with Vh1 Supersonic.