10 Cool AF Sunglasses You’ll Want To Steal From Ranveer Singh

10 Cool AF Sunglasses You’ll Want To Steal From Ranveer Singh

Natasha Patel

No matter how you see Ranveer Singh, there’s one thing you’ve got to know about him—he really loves a good pair on sunglasses. While Ranveer’s style is usually very outlandish and eccentric one thing’s for sure, he always has on the best accessories. Whether oversized watches or quirky shoes, our Gully Boy‘s sunnies-game is always on point.

Being an avid sunglass junkie myself (I have approx 38 pairs and counting), I can tell you that a great pair of sunglasses be an instant upgrade to an outfit that’s as simple and basic as jeans and a t-shirt! However, for Ranveer, they’re the complementary addition to his quirky look and vibe. Scroll down to check out all the unique and one-of-a-kind sunglasses you haven’t seen on anyone till date, other than Ranveer Singh of course!

1. Really digging that red and rectangular frames.

2. The darker the mood, the darker the tinted shades—yea?

3. Sunglasses bigger than your face? Hell yes!

4. When your glasses match your tee, you know you’re an “influencer”.

5. Rocking some old school vibes with red-tinted, rectangular sunglasses with a bucket hat.

6. Uff, tiger on the shirt and intensity in the eyes…

7. Yellow tints with some major smize.

8. Jumping on that tiny sunglasses game.

Now you tell me, is Ranveer cool, or is he cool AF?! How bad do you want a pair of quirky sunnies like him?


If you’re looking to invest in a pair of sunglasses, here are a couple of things to look out for and consider:

  • Don’t go for the basic black coloured frames, consider unique hues like red and yellow that will standout.
  • Try different styles—the oval framed sunnies are quite hot right now.
  • Like Ranveer, match your sunnies with your outfit’s print.

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