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I’ve been working since college and I haven’t really taken a break in-between. You see, when you’re young, ambitious and driven, you don’t need a break, right? Except you do… At least when you grow older and realise how tired and overkilled you really are. Every person who works in an office needs a break from that daily mundane life they’ve been leading for years. Speaking of mundane, every employee has experienced a few things during their time in an office. Since I’ve gone through it for most of my adult life, I thought it’ll be fun to share it with you gaizzz! So, if you’ve ever been an employee and have been an office-goer at some point at least, here are a few things you’ll be able to relate to.

1. Oversleeping and missing the morning train

This used to happen to me too often because I would party till late on weekdays (being totally aware that I have work in the morning). So, I’d wake up in a rush and run to the station, only to miss the train. And even if you manage to board the next train, you have to struggle for a square foot of space to stand in. Dealing with those pushy peeps ain’t easy at 7 AM! Yup, story of everyone’s life who travels far for work every morning. Plus, we even have to wake up at least an hour before the people who stay close to the office.

2. When the boss gets out of their cabin to assign work

Run and hide, guys! It’s that time of the day when your boss gets out of his cave to dump a huge pile of work on you. Do not make eye contact—I repeat, do not make eye contact. God save you if he/she picks you!

3. 10 more hours to 6 PM

Time just doesn’t pass in office, no? Especially the first half of the day is a complete drag whether you have a lot of work or not. Not only the hours, but even the week passes by at snail speed.

4. Stationery getting lost

Once you keep your pen outside your drawer, you can rest assured that it’s never coming back to you. It’s so annoying, especially if you got yourself some fancy stationery and it just vanishes. Poof! I mean, how many pens can you possibly label in the span of a week?

5. Waiting for that morning and afternoon coffee break, tho

The one thing that brings us office zombies to life is that morning and afternoon tea/coffee break. We long for it like a vampire longs for blood. You might even hear a cry for coffee in the middle of the day by someone who’s just not being able to manage. God forbid the pantry runs out of groceries that day.

6. Out of work events be like…

So, if the out-of-office events are during working hours, we’re more than happy attending them. But if they’re happening at night, you can bid your evening plans goodbye as you’re not gonna be able to do anything once you’re done with the event. The only silver lining to this unfair cloud is the life-saving ‘comp offs’ you can redeem on any other working day!

7. When it’s 5:58 PM and you get another assignment

The boss has mood swings often, and when he/she wants to really get to you, they’ll assign something to you right after you’ve packed up your bags, waiting in line to check out. It’s 5:58 PM and Big B will call you in his cabin only to give you some more work that won’t get you off the hook easy. You can tear up that 8 PM movie ticket right off. You ain’t going anywhere.

8. That train ride back home is the best, isn’t it?

Finally, once you’re done working overtime and your brain cells have finally given up, it’s time to head home. That feeling of knowing you’re gonna reach home soon after a long day of work is just the best, isn’t it? You breathe a massive sigh of relief once you board the train and that’s when you know, you can’t work a second more today. Unless your boss suddenly calls you to come into work again. Oops, spoke too soon, no?

Feelin’ it? Tell us which point was most relatable to you in the comments below!

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