How many times have we just facepalmed at our Dads’ statements or even worse, jokes? Probably too many times to remember. If there’s one thing Indian dads are good at, it is keeping track of their children, no matter how old they are. Turns out B-town dads are no different. Anil Kapoor might be ageing in reverse, but he’s got dad tricks up his sleeve that every other desi father has and his social media behaviour is just proof of that. From sharing his children’s achievements to leaving random comments on their pictures to suddenly expressing his love for his wife, he’s every desi dad/ uncle ever.

Don’t believe us?

Check it out:

Thought we’d start with a blast from the part. Anil Kapoor was Ranveer Singh before Ranveer Singh was Ranveer Singh.

As the wind behind Sonam Kapoor‘s fashion game, her sister Rhea Kapoor took to posting one of her looks on her social media. Like this one below.

While Sonam looks amazing, it’s her dad Anil’s comment that had us ROFLing.

Anil Kapoor's comment on Rhea Kapoor's post (Source: Instagram | @rheakapoor)
Anil Kapoor’s comment on Rhea Kapoor’s post (Source: Instagram | @rheakapoor)

If this isn’t a dad comment we don’t know what is! Rhea had even replied to this comment saying, “So random, Dad”

But that’s not all folks, we deep dove into Anil Kapoor’s social media and picked out some of his most desi dad moments ever.

This once he expressed his love for his wife through a cheesy Instagram post and Rhea had pretty much the same reaction every child would.

But, Anil had a very dad comeback up his sleeve for Rhea’s comment that won us over.

Rhea Kapoor and Anil Kapoors comments (Source: Instagram | @anilskapoor)
Rhea Kapoor and Anil Kapoor’s comments (Source: Instagram | @anilskapoor)

And there are just so many more instances…

When Anil admitted to being an over-protective dad.

When Anil was super sweet and expressed his excitement to work with his daughter but also slightly threw shade at her for refusing to work with him.

When he had the most dad-like thing to say about his son Harshvardhan Kapoor being a big boy.

When Anil couldn’t help but be a proud daddy on Instagram.

Anil Kapoor's comment on SOnam Kapoor's post (Source: Instagram | @sonamkapoor)
Anil Kapoor’s comment on Sonam Kapoor’s post (Source: Instagram | @sonamkapoor)

When he needed to know where his daughter was hanging and had to find out on Instagram.

Anil Kapoor's comment on Sonam Kapoor's post (Source: Instagram | @sonamkapoor)
Anil Kapoor’s comment on Sonam Kapoor’s post (Source: Instagram | @sonamkapoor)

He also has the sweetest birthday messages for his children.

And the best appreciation posts…

He also had the most adorable message for Sonam after her wedding.

If any desi dad/uncle or otherwise could take inspiration from Anil on self-confidence, Anil is your man.

As you can see he is currently B-Town’s coolest desi dad on social media right now. What do you think? Is your dad as rad as Anil? Send this blog and let him know he’s a cool dad too.