It’s so funny to see that the very same elements like the spectacles, the pleated skirts and the crisp white shirt that we hated during our childhood are making a come back now with the geek chic fashion. This is not a new concept though, it’s been around for quite some time. But the way it is interpreted has changed completely. Nerdy glasses are back in action but the outfits that they are teamed with are now different. They have become chicer if we dare say.

What’s Geek Chic Exactly?

Geek chic might have entered the Oxford Dictionary just now, in 2013, but the trend has been popular since the early 2000s. It’s truly the culmination of the two words geek and chic. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as, “The dress, appearance, and culture associated with computing and technology enthusiasts, regarded as stylish or fashionable”. Earlier, it was limited to a black rectangular frame and more formal-ish attire or a completely casual one, but now there are more stylish layers to it. People, internationally, are now making bolder choices and reimaging the trend in a new, more fashionable way.

One person from B-Town that has taken the lead in this particular style is Taapsee Pannu. She is currently on a promotional spree for her upcoming movie, Badla, for which she sported one geek-chic look after another. To know more about these looks, we got in touch with celebrity stylist Devki B. She told us that the character of the movie played an important part in coming up with Taapsee’s promotional style. Also, she further explained her styling choices for Taapsee:

Basically, every promotion we do is inspired by her character and is a mere extension of her character in the movie, but in a more relatable or glamorous way. (It’s) to make them more event-worthy.

Now, if you’re wondering how geek-chic style fits in with Taapsee’s character in Badla, then check out what she had to say about her character:

I play a businesswoman who is strong headed, not like I have played such roles before but this one character had a different shade to it as well, which I hadn’t come across earlier and hence found that very challenging.

The power move of the cool frames and the fashionable take on the businesswear are the elements that make Taapsee’s refreshing geek-chic style noteworthy. Here are some of her looks that we’re taking our lessons from:

1. Neutral Notes

Give character to your white shirt by scrunching up your sleeves and team it with beige flared trousers.

2. All-Black, Errything

Why wear an ordinary pencil skirt when you can wear a faux leather one? Also, billowy cuffed sleeves top makes for a great statement piece.

3. Checked & Knifed

Add more fashionable flair to your knife pleat skirt with a checkered, stylised top.

4. Statement Of Stripes

Formal up with the combo of a dress and a jacket, but add the fun with the playfulness of stripes.

5. Polka Dot Play

Who said a playful polka dot jumpsuit can’t get serious? Just team it with a tailored blazer and continue the gun with white sneakers.

6. The New Pantsuit

Take a plunge into structured matching separates and let them work as a new style of the pantsuit. A high neck top underneath and complementary accessories add character to the overall look.

7. Work Those Shorts

Summer shorts can look formal too. Team them with a coordinated blazer and striped shirt for a more serious vibe.

8. Black & White

A structured peplum top with a unique design twist makes of a great statement piece. Make sure you keep the rest of your ensemble simple and neat.

9. A Pop Of Pink

An eye-catching jacket is all you need for a drool-worthy look. A pop of pink is what complements an all-black ensemble instantly.

The frames and the heels are the accessories that play an important role in this type of trend. So, when you’re trying it out make sure these two elements are on point.

Which one of these looks will you be trying out? Let us know in the comments below.

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