Shilpa Shetty Kundra does it again! Last year when we thought that the denim saree was the most epic look she could ever pull-off, we never thought that it was just the beginning. But looks like this year she has bolder moves on her mind to show us how a saree is not bound by any kind of fabric.

Now at first, faux leather and saree together seem like overkill, but she makes it look conventional and easy to wear. Celebrity stylist Sanjana Batra makes this daring choice of saree designed by Nidhi Malhan to achieve this look. But the material is not the only daredevil move here, even the colour she picks is quite unexpected. A blazing red faux leather saree is not everyone’s cup of tea but when it comes to Shilpa, it’s kind of a child’s play now. The contemporary drape, the off-shoulder blouse and the fierce belt from Aldo at the waist ensure that it’s a modern interpretation of a saree, through and through. The wild vibes continue with the statement earrings from Studio Metallurgy, and even the see-through strappy heels from Truffle Collection makes sure that all eyes are on the saree.

Celebrity makeup artist Ajay Shelar matches the fiery hue of the saree to the lips and amps it up with smokey eyes. Whereas, celebrity hairstylist Sheetal F Khan goes of luscious, wavy mane.

Shilpa surely pulls off this look like a pro. Would you dare to wear this daring ensemble? Do let us know in the comments below.

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