Being a spectator at Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW) is always fun. You learn about what’s trending in the fashion industry, spot some cool street styles and get beauty inspiration too! However, being a model? That ain’t easy! From outfit changes to new makeup looks, the models really go through a lot during this crazy week. Since we’re perpetually in awe of their glowing skin, we decided to go backstage and ask about all things related to beauty.

Question 1: What Are Their Beauty Routines Before LFW?

Vartika Singh and Siddharth S. Gogoi swear by the magic of H2O. Both models recommend drinking lots of water before an important event. In addition, Vartika believes in eating well and treating her body from within. As for Siddharth, he prefers to keep his locks nourished with a regular oil and shampoo routine.

On the other hand, Archana Akil Kumar is all about a simple skincare routine. She enjoys sticking to the 3 basics – cleansing, toning and moisturising, both before and after fashion week.

Question 2: What Is The One Beauty Treatment Everyone Should Try?

Natural treatments lead the way for Vartika and Kanika Dev. Kanika loves using DIY face packs, multani mitti and cucumber on her face. As for Aradhana Buragohain, professional clean ups win hands down.

Question 3: What Will We Always Find In Their Handbags?

It turns out that models are just like us! Aradhana, Priti Jana, Kanika and Pratiksha Shetty always have a lip balm in their purse. Other popular makeup items include lipsticks, eyebrow kits, mascara and blush.

Surprisingly, many models also carry their skincare products in their bags. Rahul Rai actually keeps a face wash, gel and a moisturiser in his backpack, whilst Aanchal Jain prefers having a bottle of lotion on hand. However, the most relatable model on the block is definitely Sonal Chawan. Apart from carrying around lipstick and cash, she always has her charger on her!

Isn’t it fascinating to take a peek into the lives of these gorgeous models? I’m definitely inspired to drink more water and try out some natural treatments.

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