Dear 18-Year-Old,

Life might seem overwhelming right now—it might be the struggle of becoming Insta-cool and keeping it real at the same time. Or feeling nervous about texting your crush, discovering your purpose in life, finding the industry you want to work in—there’s a lot going on, I understand.

Being an eighteen year old in this day and age is no piece of cake. Along with the pressure of becoming ‘someone’ in life, to balancing the weight of expectations your parents have put on you, here’s what I want you to remember…

You Are Enough

Being eighteen is a tricky part of your life. You’re expected to be an adult, but not taken seriously enough, and when this happens to you on a consistent basis, you begin to question who you are and what you believe in. At times like this, you gotta remind yourself that you are enough—don’t let the negative comments of dismissive family members or friends make you feel small or think less of yourself.

Keep Yourself First

Give yourself priority—whether it’s emotionally, physically or mentally. These are days where you develop who you are, do not take the route of compromise. Be it in the form of a relationship, friendship or academics, your needs supersede everything else. Keeping yourself first will allow you to grow from the ground up.

Age Is Just A Number

“Oh but you’re only 18!”

I bet you’ve heard this time and time again, but don’t let anyone belittle you for your age. We live in a time where social media and the boom of the internet allows you to teach yourself about anything and everything that’s going on; be it memes, external affairs or matters of your own city. Educate yourself, and through it, educate others—you’re never too young to teach or be taught.

Failure Is Not A Bad Thing

I personally struggled with this at different phases of my life, but especially when I was 18. Whether it was a project I couldn’t submit on time or be there for a friend—I felt like a failure. Slowly but surely I learned that failure is just a part of life and not who you are. So if you’re in a situation where you feel like a failure, use this as a reminder that you are more than that.

You might be dealing with these things, some of them, or all of them and more—but as you cope, realise that you are not alone. Ask for help, talk to your family or Malini’s Girl Tribe! But most of all, believe in yourself.


Prashansa x