Here's Why Love School Season 4 Is One Indian Reality Show You Should Definitely Watch

Pallavi Manoj , 01 Mar 2019

Dictionaries across the internet define love as a strong or constant sense of affection you feel for a person. It can be wonderful. They say it’s all fair in love. Love is what makes the world go round. But it’s not the only thing, there’s effort and work even in love. Especially when you’re in a relationship. Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar are back with another season of Love School and the popular TV show has a powerful theme – Loved and Alone.
Even if you haven’t watched the last few seasons of the show, let me give you 4 reasons why you should definitely watch MTV India’s Love School Season 4.

Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar

Other than being two of the most gorgeous people on television, Karan and Anusha are pretty much one of the most real, goofy and super cute celebrity couples. They are the perfect hosts and advisors for couples who face trouble just like we’ve seen in the last few seasons of the show.


Truly Inclusive

After the historic decriminalization of 377, this season of Love School is truly inclusive! There is a real-life gay couple who will be featured on the show! This is the first time that a gay couple will be part of a reality show.

Talking about this move, Anusha said,

We are celebrating 2 things with this new season of Love School. One, of course, is the decriminalization of Section 377. Love has finally won in the true sense and we’re really excited to celebrate that. It is quite a historic move for every one part of the show. The second one is that we’re actually giving our viewers, especially the younger generation a reality check with this year’s theme – Loved and Alone. Everyone feels validated because of all the double taps they get, the followers they have and so on. But when they go home, they feel all alone. So this will be one of the issues we tackle as well.

The Beautiful Beaches Of Goa

We can vouch for this because we went with the team to explore the beaches and beautiful locations they were shooting at. And it is breathtaking. Yes, Goa might be the most visited weekend vacay spot of all time but love is in the air and it’s even better if your holding hands and facing a beach, right?

Real Reality TV

Sure it is reality TV. But hosts Karan and Anusha always manage to keep it real and that’s why fans always want to keep coming back for more. Right? While there may be scenes that may seem dramatic, this is one show that tries to keep it as real as it gets. From real-life couples and singles to real life problems.

Check out some of the on-set pictures from Love School 4:

Love School Season 4
Love School Season 4

Elaborating on what’s different this season Karan said,

This season is more about self-love. It’s about realizing who you are and loving yourself and it’s not just confined to love between couples.

We absolutely love the message they have in store for us. So, stay tuned for the show on MTV India every Saturday at 7 PM.

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