5 Life Lessons I Learned From Robin Sharma's New Book, The 5 AM Club

Rashmi Bhosale , 05 Mar 2019
Robin Sharma With Malini's Girl Tribe
Robin Sharma With Malini’s Girl Tribe

My day started on a blank note. I was going to attend The Productive Brekkie With Robin Sharma, the renowned writer, all thanks to Malini’s Girl Tribe. I remember reading his first book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and the feeling of upliftment it left me with. But as soon as I entered the arena I realised that Robin Sharma was not just a great writer but also a game-changer for many.

Robin Sharma With Malini's Girl Tribe
Robin Sharma With Malini’s Girl Tribe

My first encounter with the phenomenon, Robin Sharma, wasn’t his presence though. It was the positive aura bouncing off the tribe that was present for the brekkie. The first person that I came across was our in-house producer, Neha Verma, who was beaming with joy. Just out of curiosity I asked her what’s the reason for her chirpy mood, and she simply said that she was just glad to be in the same room as him. She had read all of his books and even listened to many of his motivational speeches. In fact, he was the one who inspired her to become a motivational speaker one day. Woah! This was a big declaration but little did I know there was a room full of equally enthusiastic women, who were just as inspired by Robin Sharma.

The minute I entered the room I felt the energy. It is hard to exactly put it into words but there was a positive vibe throughout. That feeling escalated really quickly when Robin Sharma actually stepped into the room and greeted everyone. Everyone had a twinkle in their eyes, and I realised I am slowly soaking in the positivity too.

Malini Agarwal and Robin Sharma
Malini Agarwal and Robin Sharma

It’s true, the aura of a person like Robin is unbeatable. I was immediately enthralled. Our #BossLady, Malini Agarwal interviewed the maestro, and we got to know more about not only his new book, The 5 AM Club but also got to know him a little bit more on a personal level. The interaction was quite engaging and the best part about it was that the session ended with questions from the audience. We were the lucky lot indeed, as we got a signed copy of The 5 AM Club too.

Check out the interview – here.

Looks like a good day, right? But it didn’t end there. I got into the cab and couldn’t stop myself from reading the book I had in my hand. The 5 AM Club immediately got my attention because of the storyline through which he explained his theory. Here are the 5 life lessons I picked from the event and the book:

1. You Make A Commitment & You Follow Through On That Commitment

Robin stresses the need to follow through on a commitment you made to achieve a particular goal. Most of us fail to keep the ball rolling and that’s the very reason why one doesn’t achieve the desired results.

2. To Lead Is To Serve

He also talked about how his true motivation is to serve. Using your life to help and elevate people around you, is something that resonates with him and that is something that impressed me the most.

3. Break Free Of The Digital Distraction

We live in the age of dramatic distraction, we live in a time-starved world and a lot of the people are cyber-zombies, Robin said. He added that we’re giving the best hours of the best day to our phones and I couldn’t agree more. He urged us to break free and reconnect with ourselves.

4. Improve Your Mind Set, Purify Your Heart Set, Optimise Your Health Set & Escalate Your Soul Set

He stressed about the theory his book is based on that the first 60 minutes of the day, you use your time in developing and strengthening your inner core. His book explains different tools and techniques to work on your self and ultimately master yourself.

5. When You Have A Big Dream, People Are Going To Ridicule You & Laugh At You

And that’s just part of the process! He also mentioned that it’s okay to have self-doubt, even he has them at times. But again going back to the first point, commitment and following through will lead you to success.

I would love to conclude this blog with a quote from Rabindranath Tagore that Robin mentioned:

When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.

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