It is almost impossible for celebrities to maintain secrecy around their wedding. But Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli successfully managed to keep their marriage a secret. On 11th December 2017, #Virushka took to Instagram and announced their wedding to the world by sharing adorable photos from their dreamy nuptials. Away from the paparazzi back here in India, the actress and the cricketer tied the knot in Tuscany, Italy. The couple always wanted the big and important event of their life to be a private affair. Now the biggest question is, ‘How did they manage to keep it all confidential?’. Anushka finally shares how.

In a recent interview with Vogue India, the actress spoke about her wedding and how they wanted it to be just about them and not a grand Bollywood wedding.

She said:

We wanted to have a home-style wedding. There were only 42 people there, with all our friends and family present. I wanted it to be about Virat and me marrying each other, and not this big celebrity wedding. The energy at our wedding was blessed.

She also revealed that while talking to the caterer, they used fake names to make sure everything was a secret. “I think Virat’s (name) was Rahul,” she shared.

On their first anniversary, Virat and Anushka shared some unseen photos and a video from their wedding. Check them out below:

Aren’t they absolutely cute?