9 Reasons Why Every Man Needs A Female Bestie In His Life

Karishma Govil , 06 Mar 2019
Man & Woman Best Friends | Image Source: www.shutterstock.com
Man & Woman Best Friends | Image Source: www.shutterstock.com

One of the most cherished relationships besides the ones tied by blood is friendship. A true and close friend could mean more than even a family member sometimes. In fact, the one family relationship you get to choose yourself is friendship and hence, that is really close to your heart. There are different kinds of friendship, you have your set of friends—girls have girl gang and men have their bros who they discuss everything with. Well, almost everything. There are a few things that men don’t freely talk to their bros about. Like relationships, serious family matters and their secrets. But, there is one person you can share all these conversations with, without hesitation. That’s your one and only gal pal! She’s here for you whenever you need her, isn’t she? If you don’t have a girl bestie just yet, here are a few reasons you defo need one!

1. She will be your anchor

If you ever feel like you’re getting ahead of yourself and losing your path, your bestie will get you right back and remind you of your roots. She’ll be that anchor you need in your life.

2. She will teach you to see a woman’s perspective

Sometimes, when you need to talk to your mum, sister or girlfriend about something intense and are looking for advice on how to do so, your bros may not be able to see a woman’s perspective properly. The best person’s advice you need to seek then is your girl bestie’s. She’ll tell you exactly what to say and how to say it, keeping the other person’s emotions in mind.

3. You will get in touch with your feminine side

A woman in your life can get you in touch with your feminine side that you tend to ignore if you hang out by yourself or with your bros too often. This, in turn, will help you get more sensitive and emotionally available.

4. You will break the misconceptions you have about women

Hanging out with your girl BFF often will make you realise how wrong people are about women and how notions develop out of nothing. For example, we really don’t just watch rom-coms all day or wear pink all the time.

5. She will help you emote

When you want to express yourself, but find yourself in an emotional block, she will help you break it and help you get more sensitive.

6. She will help you shop

Never question a woman’s taste in fashion, especially for men! She knows what looks good and she’s all you need with you on your annual shopping spree. She’ll even know the good brands and places to redeem discounts from.

7. She’ll be your diary

You can tell her anything! She will know what to tell you for you to feel better, and she’ll never judge. You can tell her anything without hesitation.

8. She will show you the mirror

She won’t sugarcoat things for you. If something is wrong, she’ll call it right out. She won’t be ruthless, but she will tell you the truth in the best way possible. If you really want an honest opinion or true feedback, you can turn to her and trust she will be honest with you.

9. She’s the change you need

She’s that refreshing breeze in your life you’ve always needed. You’re so used to your bros and your discussions with them, that the talks you have with her are an amazing change.

There are certain things your girl bestie will just get about you and your bros might not. So, if you’re looking to really ant to grow emotionally, you ought to have a girl BFF in your life RN!

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