The Right Sunscreen For Every Skin Type—Dermatologist Approved

Natasha Patel , 07 Mar 2019
Sunscreen Dermatologist Approved
Sunscreen Dermatologist Approved

We all know the 3 commandments to get clearer and healthier skin—hydrate, nourish and protect. Increasing your intake of water and applying a generous amount of moisturiser is an easy step towards flawless skin. But what about protection from the sun? The UV rays of the sun are super harmful, and can even penetrate through the thickest on clouds even on the gloomiest of days. This is why wearing sunscreen is an all-year-round necessity (just like water and moisturiser). So next time you question the need for it, just know that it serves a greater purpose for your skin in the long run!

But now that you know why you need it? You need to know the right one to use!

Just like all our five fingers, no one is ever the same. People’s skin types vary, and we know first-hand that finding the right sunscreen for your skin type can be tricky. But we’re here to make the process for you a lot easier! I met up with celebrity dermatologist, Jaishree Sharad and got a lowdown on the kind of ingredients, and products you need to look out for when picking a sunscreen for your own skin type.

What you should look out for in a sunscreen?

Dr. Jaishree recommends that:

For regular use, one should opt for for a sunscreen with SPF 30 and PA+++. The PA signifies protection from Ultraviolet A, and these rays are responsible for sunburns, sun tan, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation. So, the PA is more important than the SPF.

  • For dry skin, you must use a cream-based sunscreen. 
    Why? Creams have more cinnamates in them. They have mexoryl and they also have a few physical ingredients.
  • For oily skin, use something which is mattifying or something which is gel based.
    When it comes to gel, they should have more physical ingredients in them like, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, and even iron oxide. 
  • For normal skin, you can use any kind of sunscreen.
    Sunscreen sprays are also available but they are for a larger body surface, although they work a little better for those with dry skin.

Recommended products for normal skin:

Sebamed Multiprotect Sun Lotion SPF 50
Z Block SPF

Recommended products for oily skin:

Suncros Tint Water Resistant Sunprotect Gel - SPF 50+
Fotoprotector Fusion Water SPF 50

Recommended products for dry skin:

Coola Mineral Sunscreen
Avene Sunscreen

Do you use any of these? Also, comment below or DM us at @missmalinibeauty if you have any skin-related questions!

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