#SheTravelsSheHosts—An Ode To Women Entrepreneurs Who Make Travel Easy, Safe & Magical

Karishma Govil
Airbnb Event. Simran Kodesia, Masaba Gupta, Dia Mirza and Soraya Postel
Airbnb Event. Simran Kodesia, Masaba Gupta, Dia Mirza and Soraya Postel

Travelling is one of the most liberating experiences one can have. When one wants to get away from their deadly daily routine, you can simply book tickets or even take a road trip to a destination close by, soak in all the scenery and return home fresh and rejuvenated. Sometimes, a short break is all you need, right?

But you know what’s better? A break where you can learn about a new culture, taste a new cuisine and experience the destination like a local. And when we talk about experiencing a place like a local, we cannot think of a better way to do so than with Airbnb.

On 6th March, I attended an event hosted by Airbnb called She Travels, She Hosts held at WeWork, BKC. When I entered the space, I didn’t think I’d see a crowd so dynamic, yet friendly. This was mainly because most of these individuals knew each other since they were either hosts or guests of Airbnb homes.

Masaba Gupta and Dia Mirza
Masaba Gupta and Dia Mirza

She Travels, She Hosts

This event was a tribute to all the female hosts and guests on Airbnb and how they make travel safe for other women who are travelling with them or to their homes. According to the stats, women make up a majority of Airbnb Home Hosts (55%)—which is amazing for solo female travellers as it is really comforting to know that a woman will be welcoming her to her new vacay home.

The wonderful Dia Mirza and creative genius, Masaba Gupta also joined in the celebration by being a part of the esteemed panel along with an Airbnb superhost, Soraya Postel who hosts her home graciously with her daughter Fabia.

When asked what travel means to Dia, she said,

For me, travel has always been more than just discovering new places. Amidst the constant bustle of this fast-paced world, travel gives me a sense of liberation and peace of mind. I find that I have time to focus on my thoughts and put things in perspective. I think it’s a common misconception that solo travel isn’t fun, but the sheer sense of empowerment it grants is beyond comparison.

She also told us to play our part as a responsible traveller by ordering a drink without a straw, carrying your own cloth shopping bags and to stop littering.

Masaba Gupta, Dia Mirza and Soraya Postel
Masaba Gupta, Dia Mirza and Soraya Postel

And when Masaba was asked about how travel inspires her designs, she said,

travel is a muse that never ceases to inspire. Whether it’s the joy of being in a new place or the bliss of immersing myself in new cultures–travel has always helped me take a step away from the familiar and think out of the box. I love discovering new places and experiencing them like a local. Creativity often hides in the most offbeat locations and in my experience, travel truly elevates the mind and the soul.

It’s amazing to see these warm, hospitable women open up their homes to host friendly guests and in turn build a safe network for women all over the world. We hope more and more women stand to be like them and expand this culture even further. More power to you, ladies!

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