Hey ladies, happy International Women’s Day to you all! If you’re flying somewhere out today, then you might have an exciting surprise onboard. India’s leading airline, Air India has decided to celebrate Women’s Day in a unique way by flying 12 international flights and over 40 domestic flights with an all-women cabin and crew, as reported by Economic Times. How cool is that?

This is a proud moment for a renowned Indian airline to encourage Nari Shakti, which translates to ‘Women Power’. That means that 3 continents (North America, Europe, and Asia) all over the world will have an all-women cabin and crew today for Women’s Day. This is not the first time that Air India has operated all-women cabin and crew flights. According to India Today, Air India created a history about 9 years ago, when they decided to operate the first long, international flight from Mumbai to New York with an all-women cabin and crew. Since then, Air India has operated a few more such flights. However, today was different as they decided to have multiple all-women cabin and crew flights in one single day.

Hopefully, other prominent companies around the world learn from Air India’s way of empowering women in such a unique way. It’s an encouraging act for women all around the world to know that their knowledge is valued and that they can be trusted as an equal human being in the workforce. When looking back at history, in some cultures, women in a male-dominated workforce was frowned upon or not even allowed. Now, things are definitely changing and this can be counted as one simple step towards gender equality.

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