Sunburn is back again in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad and guess what? DJ Snake will be performing live! The best part is-It’s happening in Mumbai on the day filled with colours, Holi. How cool is that? I can’t wait to dance to his music at my favourite festival of the year. Here are five reasons why you should attend this Holi party with us:

1. We Are The Positivity Partners

Here is my first and most favourite part-Malini’s Girl Tribe is the Positivity Partner this Sunburn. Team MM is going to be there spreading all their positivity and love to all of you! Don’t forget to find the positivity crew and say hello!

2. Music

From Taki-Taki to Lean On, DJ snake has killed it with his music. I have already been to one of his concerts a few years ago with my best friend and we enjoyed it thoroughly. Personally, my favourite DJ Snake song is ‘Different Way’. It’s such a perfect song to listen to when you want to relax or even dance!

3. Holi Hai

What better way to celebrate Holi than attend a party hosted by Sunburn? Meeting a bunch of new people, dancing to DJ Snake and hanging with your gang sounds perfect to me. Don’t you think?

4. Experiences

Getting the concert feels with DJ Snake at Sunburn will be a great experience if you haven’t been to one. And if you already have, you’ll be adding this in one to your list of experiences. The event takes place in MMRDA grounds so it’s the best place to just relax, enjoy, groove to your favourite tunes and spend time with your loved ones!

5. Because, Why Not?

It’s a perfect party with a collection of good music, food, activities and fun so don’t miss out on this chance! I can’t wait to attend with my tribe and take in the experience. I’ve also heard, a Sunburn party never ends so I am hoping to see all of you there to spend a crazy day along with Team MM!

Don’t forget to buy your tickets on before they get sold out. Make your Holi special this 2019 and dance like there’s no tomorrow.